So how did we end up here? We are two sneakerheads from Göteborg who were collecting so many sneakers that it was taking over our apartment. The solution became to buy a HUGE bookshelf (hylla) for the sole purpose of storing our growing sneaker collection. A hylla filled with sneakers. That eventually became to be known as our “Sneakershylla”. Through buying, selling and trading - the apparance of the "Sneakershylla" was constantly changing.


At that time you could find us in every release queue and raffle. Always excited over getting our hands on the newest pair of whatever we were gushing over at the moment. The sense of disappointment when we bombed, despite standing in line for hours sparked an idea. The idea of a place where people could find all these sneakers, without having to stand in line or sign upp for a raffle. Where you could actually see them in real life, feel them and try them on before deciding if you want them or not. At this time our interest in older models and colorways was growing bigger and bigger.


We wanted to find more of the ones that were older and more unique. Old models or colorways that we remembered from when we were younger. These were alot harder to get a hold of, especially in Sweden. The only way we could find them were through travels or finding old school collectors and trading with them. For that reason we are especially proud of our second hand assortment. The stories that come with them are always putting a smile on our faces and are usually tied with memories from the person either selling or buying them. Needless to say, this grew bigger and faster than we ever expected. Today we have 2 stores and a growing ecommerce. But ur goal remains the same.


To be able to offer a place for people to find their own favourite sneaker - whether it was released 1 day or 15 years ago.



Co-founder & Owner


Co-founder & Owner


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Store Manager Stockholm

A lot is happening at Sneakershyllan and during 2023 we will be on the look out for good people to join us on our journey. If you are interested in joining a high-energy team in a forever-changing environment, here is where you can show your interest! 

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