Terms & Conditions


We always want you to feel secure when shopping from us at Sneakershyllan.se. Therefore we offer several different payment options for you to choose from including Klarna and Paypal. If there are any thoughts or questions you are always welcome to contact us via email at info@sneakershyllan.se


Our goal is to always try to deliver your order as soon as possible. Your order will be shipped within 1-3 workdays. Once the shipping is booked you will receive confirmation together with a tracking number to be able to track your order. Our handlers are DHL and Postnord for domestic shippings. The price for shipping is varies between 39-199 SEK depending on the weight of your order. Please note that if you do not collect your order and it gets sent back, you will be charged 299 SEK for the cost of return. Also note that due to the fact that our full assortment presented on our website is divided in our two stores. This means that in ordering two items or more, there may be a possibilty that you will recieve the items in two different shipments. This is only the case if the items ordered are not in the same store. 

Worldwide Shipping

We can ship to virtually any address in the world. We will always seek to find the best shipping solution for every unique international order. Normally we ship with either DHL or UPS internationally, however it all depends on which country we are to ship to. Every order is unique and the price for shipping will therefore depend on the weight of the parcel and the final destination. For shipping to countries that are not listed below. Please contact us via email with information of what item(s) you would like to purchase together with your full address. We will then find the best shipping option for your specific order and get back to you with the shipping cost. Normally the order is delivered within 3-10 workdays when shipping internationally.

Cost for international shipping:


Belgium 205 Sek

Denmark 165 Sek

Estonia 281 Sek

Finland 175 Sek

France 270 Sek

Germany 225 Sek

Iceland 950 Sek

Italy 270 Sek

Lithuania 281 Sek

Netherlands 205 Sek

Norway 205 Sek

Spain 279 Sek

Rest of the world: 210 – 1999 SEK

Please observe: the prices may vary depending on the exchange rate of the day the order is made.

Pick Up In Store

We always offer the option to ”Pick up in store” at our store locations at Kungsgatan 38, Göteborg & Folkugagatan 86A, Stockholm. This option is free of charge.

The option is available to be selected at the check-out when choosing a shipping option. Usually your order will be available for pick up either right away or within 1-3 workdays depending on which store the item is in. You will always recieve an email confirmation when the order is in the store and ready for pick up. Please not that if you do not pick up the order within 14 days the order will be cancelled and you will be charged 200 SEK. If you for some reason know that you will not be able to pick it up within 14 days – please contact us via email to find a solution

Return Policy

At Sneakershyllan we are happy to accept returns on online orders within 14 days of receiving the item(s). The return will only be accepted if the item(s) are returned unused, with original packaging, tags and other included accessories. To return your order, please contact us via email with your order number and the reason for return. We will then send you instructions on how to properly return your item(s). The cost for returning a domestic order is 99 kr. The cost for returning an international order is the same as the shipping cost of your order. Once the item(s) have reached us and been checked, your money will be returned with the same payment method as chosen when making the order.

You also have the option of returning your order in store either in Stockholm or Göteborg. This option is free of cost. Your money will be returned through the same payment method as selected when making the order. Normally it takes 1-3 workdays for the money to be returned depending on the selected payment method.

Please note that for purchases made in store we do not accept returns or exhanges. 


If you feel like any of your products may be defective due to a manufacturing fault, please get in contact with us through email to get instructions on how to proceed. Make sure to provide as much information as possible concerning the product and the order. If possbile please attach photos of the defect as well. You always need to be ablte to provide us with a receipt of  your purchase. 

In returning a defect product, we offer the following options:

To have the defect fixed,to get the item replaced by another in our assortment or to get a fitting reduction on the paid price. If these options for some reason are not available for us to offer, you are able to get a refund.

Please note that as we sell pre-owned items – the used items may have signs of wear and tear. These signs will always be shown in the pictures or mentioned in the product description and are not a motive for reclaim. Also know that some of the items are older and need a little more love and care. As they come with their own unique history, some can crack in the mid sole if they are more than 5 years old, and it is not unusual to experience stiffness or changes in colour on the soles when having a shoe that is a bit older. This is normal and good to take under consideration when purchasing older shoes. These signs of age are not motives for reclaims as they are normal and not factory flaws. If you are uncertain before a purchase you are always welcome to contact us to get more information about a particular shoe.

Gift Cards

As a customer you are able to purchase gift cards in both our stores and online. A gift card purchased online will be sent digitally and can be sent directly to the reciever wanted. The gift card will be sent within 24 hours. Please note that as of right now you cannot automatically use a gift card purchased in store, online. However you can always contact us if you want to use a gift card that is purchased in our store and we can help you out in this matter. Our gift cards are valid 1 year. 


We buy sports brand sneakers which means no high end brands. Both new and used sneakers are accepted and you do not need to have the box (although sometimes it is beneficial if you do). The sneakers need to be in a condition where they can be used. We always give them a thorough cleaning however if they have big flaws that make them unwearable – we cannot accept them. We offer the possibility to either sell or trade both in store or through our website. 

An offer from us is valid 48 hours from the time it is made – both offers that are made instore and online. If you for some reason have not accepted within 48 hours and still want to sell or trade, you are welcome to simply make a new request.


We do trades as well. If you have seen something in our assortment that you find interesting we can always give you a trade in value and that value is always higher than getting a cash pay out. Just let us know which item/items you are interested in making a trade with and we will let you know the trading value we can offer you. At this stage there are 3 different options.

Option 1: We do it even steven meaning that we do a straight trade with the item(s) you want to sell and the item(s) you want to trade with.

Option 2: If we value your item higher than the one you want to trade to, we will give you a pay out on the difference. This in addition to the item(s) that you trade to.

Option 3: You can choose to pay the difference if we value your item lower than the one you want to trade to.


We also buy streetwear items that are in season. This one is a bit trickier as we are usually looking to buy several pieces at once. So if you have 3 or more pieces that you wish to sell you are welcome to email us information about the pieces together with pictures to info@sneakershyllan.se and we will get back to you as soon as possible. It is good to know that we are in a price range within 50-1000 sek per piece when purchasing streetwear items. If you are looking to get more than that then unfortunately we are not the right buyer.

We accept a wide variation of brands – however still no high end pieces. The pieces you’re selling should always be washed and preferably not have any holes or broken seams etc, although vintage clothes for example could be excluded from these criteria. Everything depends on what piece it is and the pricing.Feel free to check out are current streetwear assortment to see what pieces we might buy. 

In Store

You are always welcome to bring the sneakers you wish to sell to one of our two physical stores: Kungsgatan 38, Göteborg or Folkungagatan 86A, Stockholm. We will check them on the spot and give you an offer which you can choose to accept or decline. In our stores we can sometimes offer a cash pay out (cash is still king). However, if we don’t have any cash in our register – we will ask for your bank details and make a bank transfer. The money will be visible within 1-3 bank days depending which bank you have and you will always be provided with a receipt.

Please note that Saturday is our busiest day of the week and we do not recommend to sell shoes in stores on Saturdays. You might have to wait an extra long time.


If you do not have the possibility to come by one of our stores or simply want an assessment before bringing your item(s), you are welcome to provide us with information via email to get a price estimate. Under Sell & Trade you will find all the information that is needed. Once you have sent us an email containing all the information that we need, an offer will be sent by email and you have 48 hours to decide if you want to accept or decline. If you end up accepting our offer – you can choose to ship the item(s) or bring them by one of our stores. In the option of shipping them, you will get full instructions sent to you via email.  Once the item(s) have been checked by us, we will make a bank tranfer to the bank account that you have provided to us through. The money will be visible within 1-3 bank days depending which bank you have and you will always be provided with a receipt.

If you are shipping the item(s) – you need to send them within 5 work days from accepting our offer. As a seller you are responsible for shipping the item(s) in a secure and traceable way to us. In other words, the seller is 100 % responsible for the item(s) until it has been delivered to us.The sneakers always need to be sent to us double boxed.

Please be thorough when choosing the pictures. If for some reason, the pictures provided do not match the item(s) true nature, we reserve the right to take back or lower our offer. This would be the case if for an example, the item(s) have flaws that were not visible in the pictures or not mentioned. Needless to say, they also need to be 100 % authentic, we always do a legit check. Should it turn out that they are not authentic or the information provided is not accurate, the seller is responsible for the cost of sending them back.