We at Sneakerhyllan have a vision to provide dope ass sneakers to anyone and everyone who loves sneakers. Not only the most hyped sneakers of today, but especially the classics of back in the day that gives us that nostalgic high.

Everyone should be able to find their favourite sneaker at Sneakershyllan - regardless of price and age.


We are two sneakeraddicts from Gothenburg who were missing a good swedish sneaker site who offered secondhand sneakers in addition to the most hyped ones on todays market. That's why we are extra proud of our secondhand assortment.

As we are just starting up, any feedback and input are more than welcome to email us at: [email protected]

Buy & Trade

Except selling, our concept also includes buying and trading sneakers with anyone who is interested. If you have sneakers you would like to sell or trade with us, contact us via email or instagram.

In that case we need the following information from you:

- Name and model

- Age and condition

- Proof of purchase

- Picture


At Sneakershyllan we not only sell sneakers, we also buy and trade, meaning that you can sell your old sneakers to us or trade them in for another pair for an even higher price. To get the most out of your sneakers it is important to take good care of them. To take good care of your sneakers, we have the following tips for you.

Use protective spray

We always recommend protecting your sneakers with a protective spray. This is a great way to protect them against water and dirt. There are many different alternatives of protection, so the most important thing is to check if the spray you are using is for all materials and for all colours.

Alternate between different pair of sneakers

Alternating between different pair of sneakers is always recommended since you can sell your used sneakers to us, and as long as the sneakers are in decent condition we are willing to buy them from you, or you can trade them for an even higher value in our store.

Use shoe blocks

When you are not using your sneakers, we recommend using a shoe block in order to keep the great shape of the shoes.

Use shoehorn

We also recommend to always use a shoehorn and when taking the sneakers off to open up the shoelaces so you can take them of more easily with help of your hands and not the other foot.

Clean your sneakers

When cleaning your sneakers, it is always great to first wipe of the sneakers with a damp cloth and then mix some water with sneaker cleaning solution and use a sneaker cleaning brush to brush the upper. On the midsole and sole us a different, harder, brush and use the same water mixed with sneaker cleaning solution. After these two steps just wipe of the sneakers with a damp cloth so all the foam and dirt come off.

Use shoe care

The next step is to care for the sneakers. Depending on what kind of material the upper is made of, there are different care products. For leather use a shoe cream, you can use a neutral colour or a coloured one depending on the sneaker. On suede you need to use a conditioner instead, conditioners also come in one for neutral (colourless) and for any colour fitting the colour of the sneaker. After the conditioner you need to brush the sueded to get the same structure of the suede again. And the last step is to protect with a protecting spray.

We sell both new and used shoes and many of the shoes are older. All the shoes have the release year in the description. Older needs a little more care. Like the jordan 4 or 3 is easily cracking in the mid sole if they are a little bit older. Also, sometimes the glue and stiffness of the soles can be different on older shoes. This is always something that is great to take into consideration when purchasing older shoes.