We at Sneakerhyllan have a vision to provide dope ass sneakers to anyone and everyone who loves sneakers. Not only the most hyped sneakers of today, but especially the classics of back in the day that gives us that nostalgic high.

Everyone should be able to find their favourite sneaker at Sneakershyllan - regardless of price and age.


We are two sneakeraddicts from Gothenburg who were missing a good swedish sneaker site who offered secondhand sneakers in addition to the most hyped ones on todays market. That's why we are extra proud of our secondhand assortment.

As we are just starting up, any feedback and input are more than welcome to email us at:

Buy & Trade

Except selling, our concept also includes buying and trading sneakers with anyone who is interested. If you have sneakers you would like to sell or trade with us, contact us via email or instagram.

In that case we need the following information from you:

- Name and model

- Age and condition

- Proof of purchase

- Picture