Shoe Care

In order to give your sneakers a long life, it´s important to take good care of them. For best results, we highly recommend these water based and environmental friendly products. We ourselves use these products on every single used pair that we sell. 

Remember, if you take good care of your sneakers and keep them in good condition you can always sell or trade them with us  when you grow tired of them!



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Jason Markk Repel SprayJason Markk Repel Spray
Jason Markk Repel Spray Sale price229 SEK
Sneakerstvätten Cleaning Foam & Standard Brush KitSneakerstvätten Cleaning Foam & Standard Brush Kit
Sneakerstvätten Odour Treatment
Sneakerstvätten Stain & Water Repellent
Sneakerstvätten Hard Bristle BrushSneakerstvätten Hard Bristle Brush
Sneakerstvätten Soft Bristle BrushSneakerstvätten Soft Bristle Brush
Sneakerstvätten Suede Care KitSneakerstvätten Suede Care Kit
Sneakerstvätten Sneaker Cleaning WipesSneakerstvätten Sneaker Cleaning Wipes
Sneakerstvätten Essential KitSneakerstvätten Essential Kit
Sneakerstvätten Cleaning Solution
Sneakerstvätten Sole Cleaning PasteSneakerstvätten Sole Cleaning Paste
Sneakerstvätten Cleaning Solution Foam
Jason Markk Care KitJason Markk Care Kit
Jason Markk Care Kit Sale price399 SEK
Jason Markk Travel KitJason Markk Travel Kit
Jason Markk Travel Kit Sale price299 SEK
Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner
Jason Markk RTU FoamJason Markk RTU Foam
Jason Markk RTU Foam Sale price229 SEK
Jason Markk Moso InsertsJason Markk Moso Inserts
Jason Markk Moso Inserts Sale price129 SEK
Jason Markk Suede Cleaning KitJason Markk Suede Cleaning Kit
Jason Markk Premium Cleaning BrushJason Markk Premium Cleaning Brush
Jason Markk Standard Cleaning BrushJason Markk Standard Cleaning Brush