Sneakerstvätten Odour Treatment

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Sneakerstvätten Odour Treatment

"Tåbira" is Sneakerstvätten's solution to effectively neutralize foot sweat or any other bad odor in your shoes. Easy to use. Ensure the shoe is clean and dry. Spray on the inside the shoe and let it dry. If the odor persists, repeat until your shoes are odor-free.

A unique formula that truly eliminates bacteria. Bacteria is what causes bad odours. Suitable for the inside of all types of shoes.

  • Completely unique formula
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • Water-based 
  • Eliminates odour and removes bacteria
  • The formulation consists of 3 active ingredients and pure water.

Citric acid is added as a natural bactericidal substance that also minimizes the formula from spoiling.

Bacillus blend is a natural ingredient that is antimicrobial and acts as an odour remover.

Polymerized zinc complex, a synthetic substance, removes bad odours by sterilizing the surface.


  1. If possible, remove the insoles from the shoe.
  2. SHAKE the bottle well.
  3. Spray the insoles thoroughly, both on the underside and the top.
  4. Let the insoles dry in a dry, warm place.
  5. Repeat if necessary.
  6. Use regularly for best results.

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